Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My thoughts on the election so far


 As to the candidates being Christian. I watched Jeremiah Wright's interview on Bill Moyer and wept for joy that a Christian pastor was speaking the truth about injustice. What impressed me in the Rick Warren/Obama/McCain discussion was the way Obama said "evil exists out there AND in the United States. We have to confront evil everywhere." His implication (I believe) was that confronting certain evils of our own, in foreign and national polity will have a positive effect in addressing some of the root causes of terrorism directed against us.

For example. I get these "Christian" scorecards about the candidates. Clearly spoken is an issue: Candidate A is against giving Social Security benefits to illegal immigrants. Candidate B is for giving said SS benefits. Which is the Christian response?

Leviticus 19:33-34 "Do not take advantage of foreigners in your land; do not wrong them. They must be treated like any other citizen; love them as yourself, for remember that you too were foreigners in the land of Egypt. I am Jehovah your God."

I want to remind Christians that this is just one chapter removed from Leviticus 18:21-22. A passage that we take our stand on about righteousness blessing a nation or lack of righteousness cursing a nation. I want to ask why it is not a Christian viewpoint that we care for illegals as much as we care for ourselves? US border policy is just as big an issue as abortion and gay marriage. It is a Christian issue because it elevates the Word of God over the Constitution, national security or hoarding our resources for ourselves.

It seems problematic to me that one side is carping on a few issues, making up others, and ignoring other important biblical concerns. Well, probably both sides. But at least one Candidate is willing to say "the problem is with US as well." I see one candidate being very Christian in his confessional humility. I see another candidate doing what some evil despots have done in the 20th century by creating a following through focusing on a common enemy.

Why do people ignore border policy when it is one chapter away from the strongest indictment against homosexual behavior? It seems to me that fingers are pointed in one direction in order to distract us.

I disagree with Obama's stand on abortion. Abortion, except in the case of the survival of the mother is murder. Period. But, the court is already favorable. Yesterday (October 13) CNN was making an issue of how important the court nominees would be and they made it clear that in the 4-8 years of an Obama presidency, 3 liberal judges will probably be replaced. But it won't change the court because there is a 5-4 majority. I voted Republican for the last 20 years in order to get this court. Reagan appointed Suiter, who is described as one of the liberals who will probably go off during this next presidency.

My vote for Reagan was wasted on that issue (I still think he was a great president and am glad I voted for him in spite of his failure to fulfill that promise -and I know, he had a Democratic senate to work with).

But one final thing. One side tries to build support by rallying against terminal sexual deviations (abortion, homosexuality). I agree that these are issues of righteousness. But terminal sexual deviations are not the reason we will be judged, they are the judgment. Ezekiel 16:48, Romans 1. Why are we judged? Ezekiel 16:48, again. Lack of concern for the poor. Which candidate will help us win revival? The one who places concern for the poor over concern for the rich.

Do I really believe that one candidate cares that much for the poor? Nope, I am realistic. Both candidates are politicians Our political system is designed to serve the interests, whether it be the "gay agenda," "abortion mills," or insurance companies who want to continue to deny or restrict health care to the unhealthy, to the oil/energy concerns, Wall street, or any other group with enough financial clout to buy votes and influence in order to create an unfair advantage over others with political power and legislation.

SO, I know how I am voting, because I know what is happening isn't working. Being truly Biblical, having the values of Jesus expressed in Mathew 25, is bigger than the narrow issues that one side is making them out to be. I am voting that way because of my deep commitment to God's Word and my Christian faith. But my hope is not in either candidate, my hope is in the Lord.

Phil Reynolds

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